Shetland Sheepdog Club Of BC
Sheltie Rescue

Due to the low volume of Shelties that we see in Rescue, at this time we are not taking any applications.  Please check back as it will be posted if we have any rescues available.

Our breeder page has info in regards to contacting breeders for puppies or dogs available.

Who We Are:

SSCBC Rescue is a volunteer effort by dedicated individuals. The dogs in our rescue program appear as Shelties, most of whom were surrendered by owners who have had life changes that have forced them to give up the dogs. Very few of our dogs are from animal shelters.

Because our expenses exceed our income, we exist on discounts, adoption donations, fund raising and direct donations from adopters and benevolent individuals.

Who Are The Dogs?

The majority of the dogs in our program are 5 years or older. Many of our rescued dogs come from homes where they were the pets of elderly people. We try to place each dog in a home that offers the comfort level they enjoy.

We place only spayed and neutered dogs that appear as Shelties through our program. We do not give registration papers with the dogs. Our adoptions include: spay or neuter; grooming; dental cleaning and dental extractions if needed; behavioral evaluation; fostering in a pet home environment for at least one week; house training if needed; continuing support for the rest of the dog's life.

All dogs coming into rescue are evaluated for behavior and health issues. Steps are taken to initiate corrective training if deemed appropriate. Some rescued Shelties can be shy, noise sensitive, or spooky. However, aggressive dogs that have bitten people are not eligible for placement through SSCBC.

Adopting A Friend

Our goal is to get the dogs into qualified (screened applications) homes that match them as soon as they have been fully evaluated and healed from their spay/neuter and dental. Every extra day spent in a foster home complicates the transition for the dog.

Thanks to the SSCBC Rescue we have all found new forever homes.

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Adopt A Rescue!
Surrendered October, 2011 and were adopted almost immediately.